New Patients:

The first visit is broken into 4 different sections:


In preparation before or at your appointment, we will have you to fill out a new patient questionnaire. This gives us a better understanding of what your life is like and what your body has gone through. The questionnaire includes background information, symptoms, past injuries/conditions, any medication, vitamins or supplements you are taking and lifestyle information. The doctor will go over all of this information, first, in order to determine how chiropractic can help.



The doctor or assistant will go over first visit prices and recommended procedures with you.  Upon consent, vitals will begin the examination. Vitals on your first visit are performed to get a baseline, in order to further track the progression of care.  These results will be discussed with you immediately after. Once these have been performed, the doctor or assistant will finish out the new patient examination.  



The doctors have a specific detailed exam that focuses on the neuromusculoskeletal system. We focus on the whole body rather than concentrate on problem areas.  The body moves and functions as a unit and many times where the pain is is not the problem area. Other tests such as range of motion, nerve function, and orthopedic tests will be performed to help get to the root of your concerns.  Once the exam is complete, the doctor will provide relief treatment/light adjustment to specific areas restricted or misaligned during the physical exam. The last step as a new patient is therapy.



Intersegmental Traction Therapy and Vibration Therapy are both offered in the office at Living Roots Chiropractic.  These non-invasive, gentle therapies are given on the first day after relief care to aid in loosening any tight muscles/ligaments in the spine, open joints and further improve motion.  The therapies can be separate or combined to enhance overall wellness.



Depending on your symptoms and what the doctor finds during the physical exam, they may choose to have spinal x-rays performed. The purpose of the x-rays is to look at the bone anatomy and the soft tissue. It also gives the doctors a better understanding of your spinal wear and tear, any abnormal spinal curvatures, misalignments, fractures, pathologies, etc. If you have had x-rays done within the last 6 months and they were taken standing up, we can request them instead.


Following your first day visit with us, the assistant will book you for your follow up appointment. This appointment is scheduled with the doctor to go through your results as well as follow up with the relief and therapy care previously given.

Established Patients:

Once you have had your new patient examination, you are considered an established patient in our clinic.  At every visit, the doctor or assistant will place you on therapy first to prepare the body for the best potential adjustment.  Misalignments will be checked thereafter and if misalignments are present, the doctor will adjust those during each visit. If there is ever a new concern or flare up, we will re-exam the spine and adjust accordingly, to provide you with the best care possible.