Sports Rehab Therapy in Moore 

Experts estimate that 90 percent of all world-class athletes use chiropractic care to prevent injuries and increase their performance potential.  All National Football League (NFL) teams rely on DC’s in varying capacities, and 77 percent of athletic trainers have referred players to a chiropractor for evaluation or treatment.  

4 Ways That Athletes Benefit From Chiropractic Care

  1. Decreasing the Punishment the Body Takes In

Many athletes live by the positive effects of chiropractic. Names like Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Dan O’Brien and Arnold Schwarzenegger depend on their chiropractors. Athletic performance is affected by a combination of strength, flexibility, speed and coordination. Participating in sports is encouraged because of the many benefits. Not only is a person getting exercise when playing, but they are also developing fine motor skills, learning about teamwork and fair play and of course building friendships. Bodies however are taking impacts no matter what sport played.

When the spine exhibits imperfections in movement and/or alignment, the resulting vertebral subluxations can create focal areas of irritation in the nervous system.   This interferes with the optimum functions of all other systems. As a result, athletic performance suffers. When athletes are adjusted regularly, they improve the strength, flexibility, speed and coordination they need to successfully perform.

  1. Increasing Healing Time From Sports Injuries

Adjustments help when treating injuries from high-impact sports such as wrestling, football, and hockey.  It’s been shown that high-impact sports can place the same amount of strain on the body as an auto collision.  Athletes getting routine adjustments may notice improved athletic performance, improved range of motion (especially in endurance athletes), better flexibility, increased blood flow, and may suffer from fewer injuries.  Because spinal adjustments reduce the irritation of the nerve roots between the vertebrae, the healing time from minor injuries can be shortened, improving performance. 

  1. Performance Enhancement

Numerous studies support the fact that chiropractic care helps athletes achieve an optimal level of performance. A Canadian research team included chiropractic care in the rehabilitation program of 16 injured female long-distance runners. The runners recovered quickly; seven of them actually scored “personal best” performances while under chiropractic care.  Athletes also under chiropractic care exhibit heightened body awareness and better overall balance.

  1. Decreasing Pain

The spine is an important physical structure that contains many pain-sensitive tissues:  Most notably, joints, muscles, nerves, discs and ligaments. If there are any abnormal alignment patterns in the spinal column, this can place an abnormal amount of stress and strain on any one of these tissues. In a recent article reviewing the effectiveness of spinal manipulation, chiropractic adjustments were consistently better than other options in reducing the intensity of acute low back pain, and restoring normal body movement/function both for short and long effects.


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Chiropractic Care for Athletes