Chiropractic and Prenatal Care in Moore

Prenatal Care in Moore OK

Chiropractic works with the body’s ability to adapt and function the way it is designed to.  Chiropractic care in pregnancy is vital to the normal physiological function of both the mother and baby in pregnancy and birth.  One of Dr. Bri’s specialties at Living Roots Chiropractic is helping women before, during and after their pregnancies. She is certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in the Webster Technique.  This specific chiropractic pregnancy technique is the analysis and adjustment which reduces nerve system stress and improves pelvic function.

Chiropractic benefits:

For the Mother:

  1. Prepares the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth, balancing the pelvis and surrounding muscles and ligaments
  2. Removes uterus ligament tension
  3. Reduces nervous system interference that controls all of her systems and functions
  4. Improving maternal function decreases the potential for unnecessary intervention

For the Infant:

  1. Reduces interference to the mother’s nervous system allowing for better baby development
  2. Pelvic balance allows the baby greater room to develop without restrictions
  3. Offers the baby room to move into the best possible position for birth
  4. With proper fetal positioning, there is a significant decrease in birth difficulties and resulting birth trauma caused by the intervention

Watch this video produced by Dr. Nand on how Chiropractic can help with Pregnancy ?

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