Auto Accident Treatment in Moore OK

Auto Accident Treatment in Moore Ok

Auto accident treatment is provided here at Living Roots Chiropractic! We make sure our patients receive treatment immediately without having to put any money down. If our patients follow through with their treatments, we are able to work closely with Auto Insurance companies to make sure that you receive your auto accident treatment without having to “pay as you go”. Our auto accident recovery program uses a care plan that is made to work with you, your schedule, but most importantly; what is needed to help you recover best. If you have recently been in an auto accident in Moore or the surrounding areas, give us a call. Our auto accident doctors have treated many patients who have been in car crashes that result in neck pain, back pain, and muscle tension. Our auto accident doctors will not use surgery or drugs but rather chiropractic methods and rehab that will help you get on the road to recovery. 

If you have been in a crash, reach out soon! The longer you go without treatment after an auto accident or car crash, the worse those aches and pains can lead to larger and more dangerous issues. You can reach us by phone at (405) 799-2300 Monday through Thursday.